Why SEO Malaysia ?


Why SEO Malaysia?

SEO Malaysia, a.k.a V Channel Sdn. Bhd.


There are thousands of Internet Marketing companies out there and but choose V Channel Sdn Bhd? We are young and energetic, full of passion in this industry. Besides that, we are also unique and different from a lot of experienced Internet Marketing companies or Search Engine Optimizers.





What is SO SPECIAL about V Channel Sdn. Bhd.?

1.    We audit your website and make sure your website is SEO friendly, meaning it is ready to SEO.

2.    We do feasibility study on your website and industry then we suggest you effective keywords in relevance to attract new and quality enquires.

3.    We rank your website in 9 worldwide search engines namely Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta Vista, All The Web, Lycos, Netscape, Ask,com, AOL.

4.    Listing in Search Engines internationally, not just locally. Meaning, we rank you in Google.com which covers google.com.my, google.com.tw, google.co.uk, etc. NOT ONLY GOOGLE.COM.MY

5.    We provide ranking report to you periodically to proof to you on our deliverable.

6.    There is no money back guarantee in our company practice because we are sure your ranking will up when we agree the keywords with you. However, in the event (less than 10% under normal circumstances) we could not deliver the result, we will extend your contract period accordingly.

7.    Well we do business in a fair way; we care for you and we want you to stay with us long.

8.    We have more than 5 years experience in SEO engineering understanding SEO deeply well and also we have successfully build our customer ranking up to the top within the shortest time.

9.    We say what we can do. We providing advice in a very practical way, you don’t have to pay us when you talk to us, and you don’t have to pay high to hear big words from us!


If you think we are whom you need, do call us at 03 8076 9382 today to set an appointment for us to help you study your website! It’s FREE!

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