Who We Are


Who We Are?

  • We are an ICT total solution provider who is gearing up in enhancing company’s ICT budget in Internet related development.
  • Our services ranging from very simple web page design to complicated web based portal.
  • V Channel is helmed by a team of people who have deep and diverse experience.
  • V Channel has the ability to understand business objectives, create strategies and deliver imaginative, expedient solutions.


Our Expertise besides Search Engine Optimization....


Online Catalog Solutions (ECAT) is an online-based product catalog solution developed by us specially catered for product-driven businesses in Malaysia.

Our Online Catalog Solutions (ECAT) helps you to market your products online, not only in Malaysia market but across all borders; by having your website well ranked in major search engines with our built-in SEO friendly (search engine friendly) structure.

With Online Catalog Solutions (ECAT), you can simply update your content or products through our user friendly content management system, which means you, be the web administrator of your website.

The Online Catalog system in V Channel comes with following features:

  • Content Management System (CMS) –

             You can update your web content even if you are a non-technical person, at anytime, anywhere

  • Webpage Setup –

              Setup your web pages using our “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” web tool with no limitation!

  • E catalog –
    • Unlimited categories and sub-categories
    • Unlimited products upload
    • Tell a friend feature
    • Product comparing feature
    • Search Engine
    • Related products grouping feature
    • RSS feature
  • SEO friendly


Some of the ECAT we have done.

1.    www.kklau.com.my

2.    www.mehko.com

3.    www.faurtat.com.my

4.    www.mediced.com.my

5.    www.avertec.com.my



Online business in Malaysia becomes important nowadays. Website design in Malaysia market is no longer just creating attractive pages or animations. Its overall content reflects your business and its position in your industry. Hence, effective web development, including attractive webpage design, comprehensive web content and user friendly navigation is very important for your customer to get the right information in your website.

With our web development team, we develop static web pages, dynamic and interactive websites for different clients from various industries. With our experienced consultation team, we propose the best web development proposal for you in consideration of your business needs, requirements, and budget.

We believe in total solution. Web content and images are the body and soul of your website. We provide web content copy writing services and multilingual content translation. On top of that, photography is also part of our service.

However, before having the chance to appreciate your website, how does your customer reach you? In the process of web development, we take your online marketing factor into consideration. We design your website in search engine friendly way so you are prepared for search engine optimization or any other internet marketing program.

Our professional practices take the following steps and deep thoughts in developing your website:

1.    Understand your nature of business, target market and objective of your website.

2.    Analysis of current website

3.    Consultation and suggestion on EFFECTIVE website

4.    Content scoping / enhancement

5.    Added values to your customers

6.    Functionalities / User friendliness

7.    Design elements

8.    Internet exposure

9.    Web Brief

10.  Prototype Presentation

11.  Completing Website

12.  Website Updates / Maintenance


It is advisable that you always keep your web design look new. The life spam of a web design is about 1 – 2 years, just like the painting in your house. So do change your web design every now and then.

Some of the websites we have done.

1.    www.printerpacker.com

2.    www.motoruniforce.com

3.    www.denison.com.my

4.    www.lyf.com.my



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